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Gravity Wave

"Gravity Wave" Cloud Structure Yellow Sea | Korea/China Date of acquisition:    April 12th, 2022   |  02:17:29 UTC Sensor:  Sentinel-3A OLCI Coordinates:    35°N, 124°E Internal gravity waves are waves within the oceans or...
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Convective cells

Convective cells North Sea | Shetland Islands Date of acquisition:    April 5th, 2021  | 17:43:34 UTC Sensor:  Sentinel-1B AWS-IW-VVVH, Sentinel-3A OLCI, Sentinel-2B L2A Coordinates:     ca. 60.8°N, 0.9°W On April 5th, 2021...
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Cloud Arc

Cloud Arc structures Equitorial Region, Pacific Date of acquisition:   February 15th, 2021  |  18:54:45 UTC Sensor:  Sentinel-3 OLCI Coordinates:    3.7°S, 141.2°W In the satellite image shown here, composed of two successive...
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