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Porchester County

Queensland | Australia

Date of acquisition:    December 13th, 2022  |  01:02:00 UTC

Sensor:   Sentinel-2A L2A

Coordinates:     17.5°S, 139.5°E

The presented Sentinel-2A image shows the coastal area of the Gulf of Carpentaria between the inflow of the Leichhardt and Nicholson rivers and west of this. This area is a part of the small region named Porchester County, Queensland, and borders the Australian state of Northern Territory. This is a very remote and therefore difficult to reach area with no population. The nearest locality is Burketown (lower left corner of the upper image), an outback settlement of only 238 residents (2016).

The rivers are often flooded by torrential rains after cyclones. Tides up to 3.5 meters high come from the Carpentaria Gulf and regularly inundate the low-lying silt and river sediment bearing region. All this creates the displayed fractal-like image of the rivers and their ever-smaller inflows.

Images contain modified Copernicus Sentinal data [2022].