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Operational and user-tailored services are our passion.

The water quality services from Brockmann Group cover a wide field of applications. Parameters include chlorophyll-a concentration, suspended matter concentration, turbidity, CDOM, cyanobacteria occurrence, and others.

We offer a variety of interfaces to data, information and products optimally adapted to your needs.  

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Adapting to your needs

Our services are widely configurable so that we can tailor it to your needs. You can select from a range of options for area, time, products and processing options:

  • Near real time production to get products shortly after acquisition to you
  • Archive production for long time series
  • On-demand service launched by you or by trigger events
  • Free selection of area of interest
  • Temporal compositing intervals such as daily, weekly, monthly seasonal, annual
  • Statistical analyses per water body
  • For experts: setting processing parameters such as choice of atmospheric correction scheme, neural nets used for water processing, flags used for filtering and more

Measuring the quality of water from local to global scale

Monitoring water constituents of the open ocean, coastal areas, inland waters and even urban water bodies using satellites is gaining increasing importance. Image archives of historic satellites represent valuable data sources to analyse the development of constituent concentrations in space and over time and to derive trends. Changing condition in the water quality also mirrors changes in the environmental status of the water body. To understand and manage the water quality, particularly in the context of global change, we need to understand how and why these water bodies respond to different drivers across space and time.

Do you want to look deeper into our applications?

If you would like to look deeper into our applications, please contact us or refer to the following application descriptions:


Water Quality derived from satellite data

The Colour of Water is determined by substances in the water, and measuring the water colour allows a retrieval of the water quality. Eutrophic waters appear green, while sediment loaded waters get a brown colour. Highly sensitive multispectral cameras, deployed on satellites, allow a quantification of such water constituents from space, at global scale and with a spatial resolution of down to 10s of meters.

Prominent water quality parameters are Chlorophyll-a, total suspended matter (TSM) and coloured dissolved organic matter (CDOM). Through scattering and/or absorption the water colour is affected, and this can be measured optically. Chlorophyll-a is highly correlated with phytoplankton biomass and therefore a common indicator of the lake trophic state. TSM consists of organic and inorganic components and can significantly impact the light fields in the water column. This affects the optical water properties and thereby influences the biological conditions. Colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) is the optically active component of dissolved organic carbon and also a key indicator of water quality. Additionally, cyanobacteria occurrences are monitored from space. algae blooms are more and more frequent in many water bodies and northern Germany water bodies are not spared from this trend.

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