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Dear valued customers and partners, our primary concern in this situation is the health and safety of our employees and their families. Since March 16th 2020, the majority of our employees have been working in their home offices. In our office emergency staff ensures that all technical equipment is functioning and a contact person for all general matters is always on site.

Home office has long been part of our daily work routine, and so our business continues to run almost without restriction. Perhaps you cannot reach a specific employee on the phone at the usual times. Therefore, please use email as a preferred communication medium.
In any case you can also reach us as follows:
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Turning data into knowledge.

The rapidly increasing amount of environmental data has dramatically changed the view of our planet – and continues to do so with the onset of a new generation of satellites, drones, and citizen science. We enable our customers to benefit from this new perspective.

Carsten Brockmann – Managing Director

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Tailor-made software solutions, information products and expert advice in Earth Observation.

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Brockmann Consult takes pride in supporting top-tier institutions like ESA, EUMETSAT, and the European Commission as well as numerous smaller customers to reach their ambitious objectives since 1999.

If it is about Earth Observation data – we will find a solution!

Environmental informatics

We offer tailor-made software that effectively meets the requirements of our customers – regardless if it is just some lines of source code solving a very specific use case or a full-fledged software like our expert application SNAP, the Sentinel Application Platform, for the exploitation of Earth Observation products from many different sensors. Our solutions enable experts as well as end users to make the most of the available Earth Observation data.

Geoinformation services

We turn the vast amount of Earth Observation data that is continuously produced by a growing fleet of satellites into valuable information on our environment and make it usable for public authorities, businesses, and the public. Our broad expertise allows us to offer the full range of services, marine and land applications with local, regional, and global scopes.

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Cloud detection

One user’s noise is another user’s data

Copernicus Sentinel-2 Global Mosaic

Production and distribution of the Sentinel-2 Global Mosaic

Tackling EO Data with Ease


Scientific Image Processing Toolbox


Land Surface States


Monitoring Cyanobacteria from Space

CyanoAlert Services

Global Land Surface Reflectances

Monitoring climate change

Water quality from Space

C2RCC Processor

Identification of pixel properties


Big data in Earth Observation

Calvalus Processing System

Monitoring intertidal flats

Service for the German Wadden Sea authorities

Climate Analysis Toolbox


Regional Inland Water Quality Monitoring from Space

The Northern Germany Example

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