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MERIS Extracted Cloud Thickness and Water Vapour for Meteo Users

  Datasets of ENVISAT MER_LRC_2P Products

Identifier Record Type Description
"Quality_ADS" MER_RR__2P_ADSR_s Level 2 Summary Quality ADS(SQ ADS)
"Scaling_Factor_GADS" MER_RRC_2P_GADS_sfg Level 2 GADS Scaling Factor and Offsets
"Tie_points_ADS" MER_RR__1P_ADSR_tie_p Level 2 ADS Tie Points Location & Aux. Data ( L ADS)
"Cloud_Type_OT" MER_LRC_2P_MDSR_cl_thic Level 2 MDS Cloud Optical Thickness
"Cloud_Top_Pressure" MER_LRC_2P_MDSR_cl_top_pres Level 2 MDS Cloud Top Pressure
"Vapour_Content" MER_LRC_2P_MDSR_tw Level 2 MDS Total Water vapour
"Flags" MER_LRC_2P_MDSR_fla Level 2 MDS Flags