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MERIS Level 2 Extracted Cloud Thickness and Water Vapour for Meteo Users

  Bands of ENVISAT MER_LRC_2P Products

   Tie-Point Grids of ENVISAT

Index Identifier Type Description Units Bitmask
0 "latitude" Float Latitude of the tie points (WGS-84), positive N deg n/a
1 "longitude" Float Longitude of the tie points (WGS-84), Greenwich origin, positive E deg n/a
2 "dem_alt" Float Digital elevation model altitude m n/a
3 "dem_rough" Float Digital elevation model roughness m n/a
4 "lat_corr" Float Digital elevation model latitude corrections deg n/a
5 "lon_corr" Float Digital elevation model longitude corrections deg n/a
6 "sun_zenith" Float Sun zenith angle deg n/a
7 "sun_azimuth" Float Sun azimuth angles deg n/a
8 "view_zenith" Float Viewing zenith angles deg n/a
9 "view_azimuth" Float Viewing azimuth angles deg n/a
10 "zonal_wind" Float Zonal wind m/s n/a
11 "merid_wind" Float Meridional wind m/s n/a
12 "atm_press" Float Mean sea level pressure hPa n/a
13 "ozone" Float Total ozone DU n/a
14 "rel_hum" Float Relative humidity dl n/a

   Bands of ENVISAT

Index Identifier Type Description Units Bitmask
15 "water_vapour" Float Water vapour content g/cm^2 n/a
16 "cloud_opt_thick" Float Cloud optical thickness dl l2_flags.CLOUD
17 "cloud_top_press" Float Cloud top pressure hPa l2_flags.CLOUD
18 "l2_flags" ULong Level 2 classification and quality flags n/a n/a