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Level 2 ADS Tie Points Location & Aux. Data ( L ADS)

  Fields of ENVISAT MER_RR__1P_ADSR_tie_pt Records

Index Identifier Field Type Field Length Description Units
0 "dsr_time" MJD 1 Start time of the measurement MJD
1 "attach_flag" UChar 1 Attachment Flag (set to 1 if all MDSRs corresponding to this ADSR are blank, set to zero otherwise) flag
2 "lat_tie_pt" SLong tiePointGridWidth Latitude of the tie points WGS84, positive N (1e-6) degrees
3 "long_tie_pt" SLong tiePointGridWidth Longitude of the tie points WGS84, Greenwich origin, positive E (1e-6) degrees
4 "dem_alt_tie_pt" SLong tiePointGridWidth DEM altitude m
5 "dem_rough" ULong tiePointGridWidth DEM roughness m
6 "dem_lat_corrc" SLong tiePointGridWidth DEM latitude corrections (1e-6) degrees
7 "dem_long_corrc" SLong tiePointGridWidth DEM longitude corrections (1e-6) degrees
8 "sun_zen_ang" ULong tiePointGridWidth Sun zenith angles (1e-6) degrees
9 "sun_azi_ang" SLong tiePointGridWidth Sun azimuth angles (1e-6) degrees
10 "vw_zen_ang" ULong tiePointGridWidth Viewing zenith angles (1e-6) degrees
11 "vw_azi_ang" SLong tiePointGridWidth Viewing azimuth angles (1e-6) degrees
12 "zon_wind" SShort tiePointGridWidth Zonal winds m*s-1
13 "meri_wind" SShort tiePointGridWidth Meridional winds m*s-1
14 "atm_pres" UShort tiePointGridWidth Mean sea level pressures hPa
15 "tot_ozone" UShort tiePointGridWidth Total ozone DU
16 "rel_humid" UShort tiePointGridWidth Relative humidity %