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org.esa.beam.framework.ui Provides utility classes for general user interface building. 
org.esa.beam.framework.ui.command This package provides an implementation of the GoF 'Command Pattern' for the MERIS/(A)ATSR Toolbox. 

Uses of SelectableCommand in org.esa.beam.framework.ui

Subclasses of SelectableCommand in org.esa.beam.framework.ui
 class AppCommand

Uses of SelectableCommand in org.esa.beam.framework.ui.command

Subclasses of SelectableCommand in org.esa.beam.framework.ui.command
 class ExecCommand
          The ExecCommand is an ...
 class ToolCommand
          A command which activates a tool.

Methods in org.esa.beam.framework.ui.command that return SelectableCommand
 SelectableCommand CommandEvent.getSelectableCommand()

Uses of SelectableCommand in org.esa.beam.visat.actions

Subclasses of SelectableCommand in org.esa.beam.visat.actions
 class AboutAction
          This Action shows the VISAT about box.
 class AbstractExportImageAction
 class AbstractVisatAction
 class AttachPixelGeoCodingAction
 class BandMathsAction
          VISAT's band arithmetic feature.
 class CloseAction
          This action closes the currently selected product.
 class CloseAllAction
          This action closes all opened products.
 class CollapseMetadataTableAction
 class ComputeMaskAreaAction
 class CreateAsarNrcsBandsAction
 class CreateDemRelatedBandsAction
 class CreateFilteredBandAction
          Installs commands into VISAT which lets a user attach a PixelGeoCoding based on pixels rather than tie points to the current product.
 class CreateSubsetFromViewAction
 class CreateVectorDataNodeAction
          Creates a new vector data node.
 class CreateXYDisplacementBandsAction
 class DefaultOperatorAction
          WARNING: This class belongs to a preliminary API and may change in future releases.
 class DetachPixelGeoCodingAction
 class ExitAction
          This action forces VISAT to shut down.
 class ExpandMetadataTableAction
 class ExportColorPaletteAction
          This action exports the color palette of the selected product.
 class ExportEnviGcpFileAction
          This actions exports ground control points of the selected product in a ENVI format.
 class ExportGeometryAction
 class ExportImageAction
          Action for exporting scene views as images.
 class ExportKmzFileAction
 class ExportLegendImageAction
 class ExportMaskPixelsAction
 class ExportMetadataAction
 class ExportTransectPixelsAction
 class FlippingAction
 class HelpTopicsAction
          This action shows the VISAT help.
 class ImportTrackAction
          Action that lets a user load text files that contain data associated with a geographic position, e.g. some kind of track.
 class ImportVectorDataNodeFromCsvAction
 class ImportVectorDataNodeFromMermaidAction
 class ImportVectorDataNodeFromShapefileAction
 class NewAction
          This action creates a new product derived from an existing.
 class OpenAction
          This action opens a product.
 class PlacemarkToolAction
 class PreferencesAction
          This action opens the VISAT preferences dialog.
 class ProcessorAction
          This action starts the associated processor.
 class ProductExportAction
          This action exports a product of the associated format.
 class ProductImportAction
          This action imports a product of the associated format.
 class PropertiesAction
 class SaveAction
          This action saves the selected product.
 class SaveAsAction
          This action saves the selected product and asking the user new file location.
 class ShowDataSourcesAction
          This action opens the default browser to display the BEAM data sources web page.
 class ShowGcpOverlayAction
 class ShowGeometryOverlayAction
 class ShowGraticuleOverlayAction
 class ShowHomePageAction
          This action launches the default browser to display the BEAM home page.
 class ShowImageViewAction
          This action opens an image view of the currently selected raster.
 class ShowImageViewRGBAction
          This action opens an RGB image view on the currently selected Product.
 class ShowMetadataViewAction
          This action opens an Metadata View of the currently selected Metadata Node
 class ShowModuleManagerAction
          This action shows the update module manager
 class ShowNoDataOverlayAction
 class ShowPinOverlayAction
 class ShowPlacemarkViewAction
          This action opens a placemark view.
 class ShowStatusBarAction
          This Action toggels the visibility of the status bar.
 class ShowToolBarAction
          This action toggles the visibility of a tool bar.
 class ShowWorldMapOverlayAction
 class ToolAction
          Tool actions are used to interact with a FigureEditor, such as the VISAT product scene view.

Methods in org.esa.beam.visat.actions with parameters of type SelectableCommand
protected  void AbstractExportImageAction.exportImage(VisatApp visatApp, BeamFileFilter[] filters, SelectableCommand command)

Uses of SelectableCommand in org.esa.beam.visat.actions.layout

Subclasses of SelectableCommand in org.esa.beam.visat.actions.layout
 class LoadUserLayoutAction
 class ResetLayoutAction
 class SaveAsUserLayoutAction

Uses of SelectableCommand in org.esa.beam.visat.actions.pgrab

Subclasses of SelectableCommand in org.esa.beam.visat.actions.pgrab
 class ProductGrabberAction
          The ProductGrabberVPI opens a dialog to preview and open products.

Uses of SelectableCommand in org.esa.beam.visat.actions.rangefinder

Subclasses of SelectableCommand in org.esa.beam.visat.actions.rangefinder
 class RangeFinderToolAction
          This action can measure the distance covered by a path of points.

Uses of SelectableCommand in org.esa.beam.visat.actions.session

Subclasses of SelectableCommand in org.esa.beam.visat.actions.session
 class CloseSessionAction
          Closes a VISAT session.
 class OpenSessionAction
          Opens a VISAT session.
 class SaveSessionAction
          Saves a VISAT session.
 class SaveSessionAsAction
          Saves a VISAT session with a new filename.

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