Satellite Antarctica Expedition 2005-2006

About the Expedition

The Satellite Antarctica Expedition 2005-2006 - 'SAE 05-06' took place at the end of 2005 - the beginning of 2006 within the framework of the 'Image of the Day' project performed by the Brockmann Consult, Germany.
The MERIS Reduce Resolution data of the ENVISAT European satellite was used as the initial information.

The purpose of the expedition was:

  • to pick out the cloudless images of the Antarctic coast,
  • to form a mosaic image of the whole continent,
  • to project the toponymic data on the satellite images.

To make the presented data uniform the Lambert Conformal Conic Projection was used having the following parameters:

  • Latitude of origin: = -90.0°
  • Latitude of Intersection 1 = -75.0°
  • Latitude of Intersection 2 = -75.0°

The scale is: one pixel - 1000 m along the Latitude of Intersection (75°S) for the year 2006, and 1000 ÷ 1500 m for December, 2005.
The images are also presented on the satellite coordinates projection.

The source of the toponymic data and Antarctica maps: USGS.

For processing the satellite data the BEAM software, developed and supported by the Brockmann Consult, was applied.

The operations were performed by the participants of the expedition.
Part of the received results is presented on this web-page. The rest of the results are to be presented as they are available.

We ask you to acknowledge Brockmann Consult when using the materials presented on this page.