Image of the Day



Visual MERIS-Data Archive Browser
more than 5230 ENVISAT satellite images


The „Visual MERIS-data Archive browser Image of the Day“ shows the images which were obtained from the MERIS (Medium Range Imaging Spectrometer) instrument onboard the European Satellite ENVISAT.

For every day, one or more images can be found in the „Image of the Day Archive“. These are pseudo-colour images, but adhere as closely as possible to natural colours.

„Image of the Day Archive“ allows one to search for satellite images based on geographic, temporal or logical criteria and to view these images in different sizes.

The „Image of the Day Archive“ uses Java Script and is optimized for Internet Explorer Microsoft Browser and Mozilla Firefox Browser.
The „Image of the Day Archive“ was developed by Brockman Consult, Germany, in September 2003.


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