'Cutting' Phenomenon

In the summer night
The evening still seems present,
But the dawn is here.
To what region of the clouds
Has the wandering moon come home?
Kiyohara no Fukayabu
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"Convective Cells"
"Cutting" Phenomenon (CP)

This phenomenon looks (seen from above) like a sharp border between the field of convective close cells and usually cloudless sky.
The border is more often a straight line, sometimes a bend-like one.
As a result large close cells are often cut off like a solid substance in the middle.

It can be supposed that the phenomenon is caused by the movement of the inversion layer.
The straight-line or curved front of cold inversion layers will be printed downward and prevents the existence of the cloud cells. Cold air flows downward.
The mentioned downward pressure can be affected by a high-pressure area or by a low frequencies oscillation in inversion layer.

The phenomenon could be usually observed above cold waters of south and west Pacific and south Atlantic where there are close cells fields, but not often.
It could be observed also over the land.