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The region management supports the drawing and editing of user-defined regions. They can be used as a spatial filter the same way as predefined regions provided for projects by Calvalus. The region management view shows a tree of region names on the left, a map on the right, and some editing buttons on the bottom.

  • A region can be selected in the tree of regions.
  • A region can also be selected on the map.
  • A user-defined polygon or bounding box can be added and afterwards corner coordinates can be edited numerically with the buttons.

The buttons line by line and from left to right are:

  • Select region: The region can be selected with the mouse. This button currently is set by default.
  • Locate selected region: The selected region is located and zoomed to on the map.
  • Info: Information on the selected region is listed.
  • Delete selected region: The selected user-defined region is deleted.
  • New polygon region: The polygon is drawn on the map by clicking for vertices. Double-click the last vertex without repeating the first one. This closes the polygon.
  • New bounding box region: The bounding box is drawn on the map by draging the mouse from one corner to the diagonal counterpart.
  • Edit vertices: The exact positions of vertices can be edited numerically. The number of vertices cannot be changed.
  • Rename selected region: The selected region can be renamed from its initial default name
  • Save changes: Additions and updates are stored for the next sessions. Else, the new regions are only available for the current session until logout.
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