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REVAMP is a project aiming at Regional Validation of MERIS Chlorophyll products in North Sea Coastal Waters.
Chlorophyll is a pigment in phytoplankton, which is the main source of food for life in the sea. Chlorophyll is also an important water quality parameter, which underpins the common environmental policies of the European Union and the Oslo-Paris Convention (OSPAR).
Satellite remote sensing of chlorophyll concentrations supplements conventional water sampling programs. REVAMP uses data from the MEdium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS), which is one of the sensors on ESA's Environmental satellite (Envisat). REVAMP processes MERIS data to high-quality maps of chlorophyll concentrations in the North Sea. These will be presented in an atlas that will be made available through this Web site.

Future services may include the distribution of other value added products, such as a eutrophication indicator maps.
Learn more about these possibilities: go to Contacts, End Users and express your wishes for REVAMP products.
The colour of
Scientific cruises to measure
contents of the seawater
A MERIS image of
the North Sea
Final Chlorophyll Atlas of the North Sea (72MB!)

REVAMP: EGV1-CT-2001-00049