Visualization of Orbits and Instrument Swaths     

ESOV-NG (Earth Observation Swath and Orbit Visualization Tool-Next Generation) is an application which allows the user to display on the computer screen the orbit ground track and instrument swaths for the Earth Observation missions

according to specified scenario input, i.e. the selection of the orbit interval and activation/deactivation time of various instruments present onboard.
New satellites can also be defined and used without need to recompile the application.

ESOV-NG allows to visualize ground station visibility and to define specific zones of interest of the Earth surface which can be used to check ground coverage of swaths.

The ESOV-NG application has been developed in Java with the objective to provide a platform-independent tool which is easy to maintain and which comes with a modern and user-friendly graphical interface.
ESOV-NG shall replace the existing ESOV "Classic", which had been coded in C and is not platform-independent.

The development of ESOV-NG was contracted to Brockmann Consult, and ESOV-NG has been released in 2008.

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For more information, download our flyer (4.2MB) for the "2nd MERIS/(A)ATSR User Workshop" (22nd to 26th September 2008) at ESA/ESRIN, Frascati, Italy.