GlobToolbox 2.0

The GlobToolbox project has the aim to migrate the existing ESA GlobToolbox 1.0 software to the BEAM platform.

The BEAM GlobToolbox 2.0 provides functions for the visualisation of various large data products of the DUE "Glob"-series of projects, as well as for the generation, inspection and analysis of time series generated from these global data products.
For the planned features coming with the final release of GlobToolbox 2.1, see also the roadmap.

The following table comprises the supported products and also the products which are not or not fully supported:


Project Product Type Support
GlobCoverBimonthly/Annual MERIS FR mosaicsSupported
 Global/Regional Land CoverSupported
GlobColourGlobal/DDS binned productSupported
 Global/DDS mapped productSupported
 MERIS L3 productSupported
GlobCarbonAll typesWill presumably be supported in GlobToolbox 2.1
ATSR World FireATSR2 and AATSRSupported
MedspirationL2 Pre-Processed (L2P), Analysed SST (L4) HR-DDS DataSupported
Global Land Cover 2000GLC2000Supported as GeoTIFF
GlobAerosolIndividual-Sensor Orbit AerosolAll sensors supported except AATSR
 Individual Global AerosolSupported
 Merged Global AerosolSupported
 Statistical ProductsSupported
IGBPGlobal LLCSupported