3rd-Party Dependencies

BEAM builds on a number of excellent Java libraries and great open-source projects. Special thanks go to to the following projects and products:

JAI, the Java Advanced Imaging API provides a set of object-oriented interfaces that supports a simple, high-level programming model which allows images to be manipulated easily in Java applications and applets.

BEAM uses JAI for numerous image analysis and display operations. JAI is also the backbone of the BEAM Graph Processing Framework (GPF).

JIDE Software is a professional Java and Swing component provider. JIDE Software's products are focused on rich-client applications for software developers.

BEAM make use of JIDE mainly to realise the dockable "tool windows" and tool bars within the BEAM user interface. Although the JIDE components in use are commecrial products, JIDE Software offers free developer licenses to active open-source projects. 

JFreeChart is a free 100% Java chart library that makes it easy for developers to display professional quality charts in their applications.

BEAM uses JFreeChart for the display of histograms, scatter plots and other graphs.


GeoTools is an open source Java library that provides tools for geospatial data.

BEAM uses various GeoTools APIs for the reprojection of raster data, to download map image layers from WMS services, and to read and write ESRI Shapefiles.


The NetCDF-Java library implements a Common Data Model (CDM), a generalization of the NetCDF, OpenDAP and HDF5 data models.

BEAM uses the NetCDF library for reading and writing NetCDF-3 formatted data files and for reading HDF-4 files.


HDF - Java Native Interfaces to the standard HDF libraries.

BEAM uses this library only for reading HDF-4 and writing HDF-5 data files. It is planned to get rid of the native HDF libraries once the NetCDF (pure Java) supports writing HDF-5.

XStream is a simple library to serialize objects to XML and back again.

BEAM uses XStream to bind XML code to Java objects. In particular, the BEAM module descriptors and VISAT session files are bound to Java code using this library.

JDOM - To provide a complete, Java-based solution for accessing, manipulating, and outputting XML data from Java code.

Used by BEAM for reading and writing from and to files in XML format, which is used for exporting data in various places.