How to contribute

As an open-source project, the BEAM planning and development is substantially driven by the needs and the feedback of its user community. For users which would like to get involved in the development and support of BEAM,  there are several means by which they can contribute.

Promote BEAM

Why not make BEAM known by mentioning it when talking to your colleagues? You may also use your blog, twitter, facebook or other social networks. Acknowledge BEAM in your presentations and papers, if you have used it for your scientific work.

Improve BEAM

When encountering issues with BEAM, please submit a bug report. If you like to have a specific feature in BEAM, you are asked to submit a feature request. These are among the most valuable things you can do for improving BEAM.

If you do not know how to accomplish a specific task with BEAM you are welcome to post your problem in the BEAM forum. You may also use the forum to present scientific results you have obtained with BEAM, and you are very welcome to reply to other users' posts.

You might want to get involved with the BEAM source code which is available for free download, either from this website or by checking it out from its GitHub repository. Submit your patches by creating an issue and attaching your changes. Create and publish your own BEAM extensions, we provide the distribution platform.

Learn BEAM

Take part in a BEAM user training and help yourself and your team to use BEAM more efficiently. Workshops and trainings can be performed at Brockmann Consult or your preferred location. We offer specific trainings for BEAM users and for Java developers.

Some tutorials for users and developers are available online, giving you a basic introduction to the usage of BEAM and advice on how to develop with BEAM.