CHRIS/Proba Toolbox

The project CHRIS/Proba Toolbox for BEAM (CHRIS-Box) has been brought into life in order to support users of data of the CHRIS sensor onboard of the ESA Proba platform.

BEAM and the CHRIS-Box are user tools which ESA/ESRIN are providing free of charge to the Earth Observation Community. The CHRIS-Box software provides extensions for BEAM, which allow accomplishing the following tasks:

  1. Noise reduction: Removes the vertical striping in CHRIS response-corrected images caused by the slit effect and a superposition of high-frequency noise
  2. Cloud screening: Marks cloudy pixels in CHRIS noise-corrected images; the cloud screening algorithm provides cloud probability and abundances for each pixel
  3. Atmospheric correction: Provides a surface reflectance retrieval algorithm. The method applies to noise-corrected radiance images with (or without) a probabilistic cloud mask as generated by the cloud screening algorithm
  4. Geometric correction: Calculates the geo-location for each pixel by means of ground control points. The geometric correction applies to any CHRIS data.
  5. TOA reflectance computation: Computes top-of-atmosphere apparent reflectance from the top of atmosphere radiance (radiometrically calibrated data) as provided by the CHRIS noise-corrected images
  6. Feature extraction: Computes certain surface and atmospheric features which are used by the CHRIS-Box cloud screening algorithm; the feature extraction is applicable to TOA reflectance images only

The CHRIS-Box software has been developed by

  • Brockmann Consult (BEAM Team)
  • Universidad de Valencia (L. Alonso, L. Gomez-Chova, L. Guanter, J. Moreno)
  • Swansea University (P. North, W. Grey)