About BEAM

BEAM is a platform facilitating a quick and easy development of great tools for the analysis and processing of Earth observation data. It comes with an extensible module framework and the intuitive VISAT graphical user interface. Several tools are included to employ the power of BEAM from the command line or within scripts.

It's extensibility is well proven by diverse toolboxes and plugins, which have been built on top of BEAM. Some highlights are:

  • CHRIS-Box, a toolbox for the hyperspectral CHRIS sensor onboard the ESA Proba platform
  • Glob-Toolbox for the various ESA global projects
  • NEST (Next ESA SAR Toolbox), the successor of BEST
  • SMOS-Box, a toolbox for ESA's Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission

In addition, numerous BEAM extensions are available as plugins.

History of BEAM

BEAM was initiated under ESA contract in 2002. Being the first ESA open-source project, BEAM has undergone more than 20 release cycles and has evolved from a basic ENVISAT/MERIS toolbox to an accepted platform for the analysis and processing of Earth observation data in general.

Since initiation more than 30 projects have been realised by Brockmann Consult, either alone or as corporate partner, which have made use of BEAM and have essentially driven the BEAM evolution. Many third parties use BEAM internally.

Nowadays BEAM has a vital and growing user community, and has become an institution for many users and developers dealing with the analysis and processing Earth observation data.