BEAM 5.0 released

The BEAM team presents BEAM 5 with the following new features:

  • The new beam-python module enables Python developers to use the BEAM Java API from Python, and to extend BEAM by operator plug-ins for EO data processing written in the Python programming language. For an introduction on how to use it please refer to the file in the beam-python module which you find in the $BEAM_HOME/modules directory.
  • For this release a special goal was the improvement of the runtime performance. Reading, writing, processing and displaying of EO data has been greatly enhanced in multiple cases.
  • The user interface of the binning processor has been reworked and greatly improved
  • The Colour Manipulation tool has been extended for a new editor which lets user easily pick a colour palettes. Also its 'Apply' button has been removed.
  • The spectrum tool window has been extended to display multiple spectra at the same time. Each spectrum can be displayed with its own style. The set of displayed spectra can be stored and reloaded.
  • A new Magic Wand tool has been introduced. The purpose of this tool is to create regions of interest (ROIs) within images comprising pixels that are "similar" to a set of manually picked pixels. The similarity takes into account any number of bands or entire spectra.
  • New morphological image filters have been added: erosion, dilation, opening and closing. Users can now also create their own convolution and morphological filters using a graphical editor.
  • Also the overall usability of BEAM has been improved at various places, e.g. pins can now be copied to an other product just by a few clicks. Also the main menu of VISAT has been restructured in order to find processors and tools easier.

It goes without saying that the new release also encloses a number of bug fixes, which can be inspected at our BEAM issue tracker.

For a complete list of changes please refer to the changelog.

The installers for BEAM 5.0 can be downloaded from the BEAM download page.

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