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Wish list: ICOL processing over a defined region only
Wish list: ICOL processing over a defined region only
icol processor odesa new functionality wishlist
11/26/13 9:56 AM
Dear BEAM development team,

I will like to have a new functionality for ICOL processing. I will be nice that the ICOL could be only applied over a defined region of interest (ROI), bounding box by lat lon coordinates, Leaving the rest of the image intact.
This functionality will be helpful when you need to conserve the ENVISAT (N1) format to be used as input for ODESA/MEGS. In ODESA I normally set my ROI to the same boundaries that I used for ICOL. But now, I need to process the entire scene with ICOL when I am only interested in a small subset. But as ODESA cannot input subsets, at least it would be nice that my region of interest is processed with ICOL while keeping the rest of the data intact so it can be exported as N1 product.
With regards,

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RE: Wish list: ICOL processing over a defined region only
11/28/13 9:07 AM as a reply to Jose M. Beltran.
Hi Jose,

thank's for your request. This would be really usefull.
I add this requirement to the issue tracker: [ICOL-14] Allow processing only over user defined region

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