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problem with including beam jars
Hello. I followed the "Build beam from source" guide and i faced with the problem. When i try to install beam some of the tests fails that interupts the build process. I tried to install beam with maven.test.skip = true and it works well. After that i tried to do the exercise 2, but by beam folder doesn't contains \lib folder, instead of that each module contains jar file, but this jars seam to not contains dependencies and if i will add them to exercise 2 project on compilation stage will be exception NoClassDefFoundError for classes contains for example in geotools and jai libraries.

Sorry if i made some mistakes, my English isn't good.
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RE: problem with including beam jars
10/28/13 8:29 AM as a reply to Ilya Chekashkin.
Hello Ilya,

For now you can go on with the disabled tests but can you tell me which tests fail?

The lib folder is not generated when compiling/installing BEAM with maven.
The BEAM Programming Tutorial refers to an installation done with the installer.
If you use this the exercise should work.

best wishes
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