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Landsat 8
Landsat 8
9/8/13 5:40 PM
VISAT supported Landsat 8 or not?
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RE: Landsat 8
9/9/13 7:51 AM as a reply to Timer Valijan-ugly Gimrani.
Yes, as said in the latest news, Landsat 8 is supported in GeoTIFF format.
But you need to first update the respective module.
Open the Module Manager (Help -> Module Manager...). In the upcoming window open switch to the 'Module Updates' tab. There you can select the latest 'Landsat Product Reader'. Do a right-click on it to open the context menu and select 'Update'. After a restart of VISAT it should work.

best wishes
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RE: Landsat 8
10/14/13 4:41 PM as a reply to Marco Peters.
Dear all,

I just become to be a BEAM user and I wanted to make layer stack between landsat bands. Can someone help me?

Thank you very much!!

Nice regards
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RE: Landsat 8
10/16/13 12:14 PM as a reply to Mariluz Guillen.
Dear Mariluz,

you're very welcome as new BEAM user.
You can use the layer manager () to work with layers. If you want to use only bands of the same landsat product you can simply add them as layer. If you want to see several bands of several product you should reproject and maybe collocate them before.
Please have also a look to the included help (Click on the question mark in the lower right of the layer manager) or see the online help.

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