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java exception
java exception
7/19/13 9:58 AM
I opened the product ASA_IMM_1PNPDE20051105_061552_000000012042_00163_19255_0682.N1
in BEAM, followed by:
File => Export Raster Data => NETCDF-CF
After "Export Product" in the pop-up where I can specify the output filename
I get another pop-up saying:

An exception occurred:
Type: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
Message: -11

Please, inform me how to proceed and export the radar data to NetCDF-CF format.

Regards, Gerard
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RE: java exception
7/19/13 12:08 PM as a reply to Gerard Hesselmans.
I've tried the same and the export worked well. Maybe a bot slow but with out an error.
Can you please start VISAT by running the visat-d.sh script. It is located in the bin folder of the BEAM installation directory.
This will force VISAT to be more verbose on the command line and the error message will be probably more helpful.

Thanks and regards
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RE: java exception
7/19/13 6:59 PM as a reply to Marco Peters.

Please find attached the logging by BEAM/VISAT.
Hope it makes sense to you.

Attachments: tmp.txt (49.1k)
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RE: java exception
7/22/13 8:50 AM as a reply to Gerard Hesselmans.
Now I know the location where it breaks but not why. The product would be helpful.
Can you upload it to our FTP server please. I'll send you the login data in an email.

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