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Are the NNs in C2R compatible with MEGS 8.1?
Dear forum,

Are the NNs used in the C2R processor pre-compiled? can we take the *.net file used in ODESA/MEGS C2 branch and replace those from C2R? or the other way around, using C2R water net under ODESA.

Do you know about how compatible are the water nets in C2R and MEGS?

Where can I find the information regarding the water net used for Meris.Case2Regional processor version 1.5.3?


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RE: Are the NNs in C2R compatible with MEGS 8.1?
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4/26/13 1:42 PM as a reply to Jose M. Beltran.
Hi Jose,

in ODESA you can change the .net files, but there is no need to do it in the present case because Neural Net files are strictly identical between MEGS8.1 and BEAM (in format and content):

MEGS 8.1<-->BEAM (C2R 1.5.3)
wat_net_for.net <--> beam-meris-case2-regional-1.5.5.jar/[...]/regional/meris_fn_20040319_15x15x15_1750.4.net
wat_net_back.net <--> beam-meris-case2-regional-1.5.5.jar/[...]/regional/meris_bn_20040322_45x16x12x8x5_5177.9.net
atm_net_for.net <--> beam-meris-glint-1.2.2.jar/[...]/atmo_aann/12x5x12_318.4.net
atm_net_back.net <--> beam-meris-glint-1.2.2.jar/[...]/atmo_correct_meris/20x25x45_55990.1.net

There is a difference between the ang_net.net file (MEGS) and atmo_normalization/90_2.8.net (BEAM) but this is used only for marine reflectance normalisation and normalisation is not activated in MEGS.

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RE: Are the NNs in C2R compatible with MEGS 8.1?
4/26/13 1:35 PM as a reply to Jose M. Beltran.
The NN files used in C2R are just plain text. The neural nets used can be found the jar file.

best wishes
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