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RE: Icol AOT and Angstrom parameter limits
Icol AOT and Angstrom parameter limits
aot icol processor icol
10/17/12 8:09 PM

I am trying to use ICOL extension. I have a question about the aerosol parameters:
we often get AOT and/or Angstrom values outside the valid range for the extension. Does it mean that there is no adjacency effect with values out of the valid range and so not the need to use ICOL?
For example Angstrom = 0.0905 or AOT = 1.2
I used AOT and Angstrom from level 2 MERIS product, and use ICOL for corresponding level 1 MERIS product. Or I use values provided by :
http://www.icare.univ-lille1.fr/parasol/browse/ .
Thank you for your help with these "mysterious" parameters.
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RE: Icol AOT and Angstrom parameter limits
10/18/12 1:33 PM as a reply to Florence Lafon.
Dear Florence,

the valid ranges in ICOL for these parameters are:

userAlpha (Angstrom coefficient): [-2.1, -0.4]
userAot (AOT): [0, 1.5]

In ICOL, these quantities are used to determine the 'best' (out of 26 different) aerosol models to use for the ICOL correction. I am not sure if the combination of these parameters can be directly compared to the references you mention. The ICOL implementation follows the algorithm suggested by Richard Santer of Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale (richard.santer@univ-littoral.fr). You may want to contact him to discuss this question in more detail, I'm sure he can give you a precise answer.

Best regards,
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