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RE: recommended minimum subset size for ICOL to run over a MER FR image
Dear forum,

What is the recommended minimum subset size (in km) in order to run ICOL over a MER FR image. It should have at least a buffer of 50 km distance from your region of interest? 70 km? and then what ever resulting size in pixels of your image.
Or can be run with small subsets like an image of covering 30 km x 30 km.
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RE: recommended minimum subset size for ICOL to run over a MER FR image
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5/14/12 11:15 AM as a reply to Jose M. Beltran.
Dear Jose,

from theory, the adjacency effect (which ICOL shall correct for) is caused by two main contributions, the Rayleigh and the aerosol scattering. If you have land and water (ocean or inner lakes) in your image, the Rayleigh contribution is significant on a range of about 30km distance from a coastline, and the aerosol contribution on a range of about 10km. Therefore, 30*30 and 10*10km are the sizes of the ICOL "correction windows" for each pixel. So, if you consider a specific region of interest, we would recommend to use a subset which exceeds your region of interest by at least 30 kilometres to each direction (no matter if you use FR or RR images). In this way you make sure that sufficient information from the image is used in the ICOL correction.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks Olaf,
That was the answer that I was looking for!

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