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RE: ICOL processing from command line
Hey all,

I am having troubles with processing MERIS L1 images with ICOL through the command line. As an output, I need the images to be in N1 format in order to process them in ODESA as a next step. I have attached . xml file and error message with the call on command line.

Best regards,

Attachments: error_icol.png (15.7k), icol2.xml (1.1k)
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RE: ICOL processing from command line
11/3/11 11:15 AM as a reply to Krista Alikas.
Hi Krista,

there are two issues in the xml graph you attached:

- all the parameters in the "n1Writer" node are ICOL parameters. They need to be moved to the "merisIcol" node.
- in the "n1Writer" node, there is a mandatory parameter 'patchedFile' missing (see help command: gpt -h Meris.N1Patcher)

I attach a corrected xml file, it works with the following command (please adapt to your paths and filenames):

gpt icol2_BC.xml -Pn1TargetFile="C:\olaf\tmp\final_result.N1" -Sn1Product=MER_RR__1PRACR20050518_085300_000001102037_00222_16809_0000.N1

The only thing I do not understand is the text of the error message you get, since the parameter 'exportSeparateDebugBands' is not used at all. So please let us know if you still observe problems.

Best regards,
Attachments: icol2_BC.xml (1.2k)
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RE: ICOL processing from command line
11/4/11 9:00 AM as a reply to Olaf Danne.
Hey Olaf,

now it runs!

Thank you!
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