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how to batch process create virtual bands using gpt
Dear all,

I am starting to play with the gpt.sh by using band maths I wanted to create additional bands into the same product, but instead of adding more bands to the same product, it just created the new bands and all the original bands were lost. How can I do it safely
the call that I used was:

./gpt.sh /gpf_xml/FUB_ln_values_2_physicalUnits.xml /path/FUB1.2.4/FUB_CASCEQ_subset_MER_FSG_1PNMAP20080709_092454.dim -t /path/FUB_CASCEQ_subset_MER_FSG_1PNMAP20080709_092454.dim

the FUB_ln_values_2_physicalUnits.xml

<graph id="FUB1.2.4_convert ln values into physical units">
<node id="node.Euler_FUB_values">
<description>Chlorophyl concentration-FUB derived ln(algal_2) values into physical units [mg/m^3]</description>

Where can I assign the value for the geophysical units that are used?
I need to process several images using this graph, should I create another xml with the sources and another with the targets? and apply the -p option?

Thank you for your help,

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RE: how to batch process create virtual bands using gpt
7/12/11 7:40 PM as a reply to Jose M. Beltran.
Hi Jose,

currently it is not possible to specify the unit for the bands generated by the BandMaths operator.
I've raised an issue for this.
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