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MERIS Solar Flux Units
MERIS Solar Flux Units
3/29/11 10:55 AM

I have noticed that when viewing/extractng MERIS data using BEAM the Solar Flux Units are specified as mW/(m^2*sr*nm), and not the nominal Irradiance Units of mW/(m^2*nm); can you advise as to this discrepancy?

The product handbook specifies that these values are the Solar Irradiance at the reference date, corrected for the Earth-Sun distance at time of acquisition, and should therefore still be in Irradiance Units.

Many thanks,
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RE: MERIS Solar Flux Units
3/29/11 12:23 PM as a reply to Chris Kent.
Just realised that this post requires a login to view it, can you also advise how to change these permissions for it to be open to everyone?

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RE: MERIS Solar Flux Units
3/31/11 11:16 AM as a reply to Chris Kent.
Hi Chris,

this is just a discrepancy in the unit string to the product specification. The values are correct.

Regarding the permission problem:
After you have submitted a post you can change the permission by clicking on the "Permission" button at the bottom of your post.
Mark the cell in the upper right corner (Guest/View).
I check the permissions of new posts regularly and make them public.
This problem occurs with some browsers. As long as I have used the Firefox 3.x I did not had this problem, but now as I switched to Firefox 4 I have it too. At least sometimes.

best wishes
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