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visualize (L2 meris) flags
visualize (L2 meris) flags
3/17/11 10:29 AM
I would like to visualize flags in a netcdf file. The flags are the same as those in a meris L2 file.
For the visualization I would like to use BEAM, which has this nice option to view flags interactively.
Please inform me if this is possible when input from a netcdf file is used.
What is required: names of field, format of fields, etc?

Regards, Gerard
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RE: visualize (L2 meris) flags
3/18/11 10:56 AM as a reply to Gerard Hesselmans.
Hello Gerard

As long the NetCDF file follows the CF-Conventions there should be not problem.

This means the raster variable which contains the flag values must have two attributes attached.
One named 'flag_masks' and the other 'flag_meanings'.
The attribute 'flag_masks' contains an integer array with the different flag values.
The attribute ''flag_meanings' contains the names of the flags. It must be stored as a single string value. The names must be separated by spaces and must be in the same order as the 'flag_masks'.

I hope this helps.

best wishes
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