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RE: SMOS Export
SMOS Export
4/22/10 1:38 PM
How can I export SMOS data to GeoTIF? By using the BEAM Export function, I always get an IllegalArgumentException. This is the case in the GUI and the command line version.
Is it also possible to define a specific area for export in the batch mode? The dim export generates a whole world data set only.

Thanks in advance!


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RE: SMOS Export
4/23/10 3:46 PM as a reply to Carsten Montzka.
Full SMOS products are too large to be exported into GeoTIFF. Specify a (spatial or band) subset in the Export dialog by clicking the 'Subset...' button. It is not possible to define a spatial subset with the command line tool, you can only specify a band subset. Converting single bands into GeoTIFF with the command line tool does work without error.
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RE: SMOS Export
6/18/10 2:11 PM as a reply to Ralf Quast.
Hi, I just export some subsets data into GeoTIFF file, but when I want to open it in Okular, it says: "subset_SM_OPER_MIR_SCLF1C_20100410T152602_20100410T162001_330_001_1.tif: Sorry, can not handle images with 32-bit samples."
What can I do with this?
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RE: SMOS Export
6/20/10 5:17 PM as a reply to Huanhuan Wang.
If you are just interested in images of the data you can export the smos subsets also to png. If you are interested in the data for further analysis you should try other software or contact the Okular-team.
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