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BEAM case 2 water processor
BEAM case 2 water processor
5/25/10 11:03 AM
Hi everyone...

I use BEAM (version 4.7.1) in order to analyze my MERIS data with the "case 2 processor".

The process that i follow is:
1)open my MERIS image with BEAM
2)export data and subset as DIMAP
3)reprojection (greek grid) as DIMAP
4)tools--> case 2 water processor --> case 2 regional processor.

unfortunately, when i reach the final step and push the button "run" after the first part of the loading bar an error appears saying "3320.","3170.","2589.". So, the status of my error is differrent each time and i can't understand why. Could you please help me..??
I really don't know what i'm doing wrong....

The input images that i use are MERIS FRS level 1 (MER_FRS_1P).

When I have run BEAM case 2 water processor for the first image with name file "MER_FRS_1PNPDE20100322_091025_000001992087_00494_42131_8578.N1" i didn't have any problem...after this image the process don't work...the steps i follow are always the same!!!

The others images that i have tried Meris case 2 water processor are:

Thank you very much for your time....
I'm looking forward to hearing from you....

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RE: BEAM case 2 water processor
5/26/10 5:35 PM as a reply to stella monachou.
Hi Stella,

please try to swap step 3 and step 4.
The Case-2 Regional processor does not work with reprojected products as input.

best wishes
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RE: BEAM case 2 water processor
6/2/10 12:07 PM as a reply to Marco Peters.
thank you very much for your help!!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate your kindness to help me....
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