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Case 2 WQ products
Case 2 WQ products
2/3/10 8:15 PM
Please excuse a potentially simple question…. I have sifted through the relevant ATBDs but I wanted to clarify some uncertainty regarding the various Case 2 water quality products available in BEAM. Below is my understanding of the differences between the standard Level 2 WQ products, the C2R and Eutrophic/Boreal products. Could you clarify this for me?

The standard MERIS l2 water quality products for Case 2 waters, namely algal_2, yellow_subs, and total_susp, are based on the NN algorithm of Doerffer & Schiller, 1997 (ATBD 2.12) applied to atmospherically corrected (Case 1 correction after Antoine & Morel, 2005 ATBD 2.7) L2 spectral water leaving radiance reflectance. The Case 2 Regional Processor (C2R) includes a Case-2-specific NN based atmospheric correction procedure (MERIS Regional Case II atmospheric correction ATBD) and water quality inversion algorithms (Lake Water Algorithm for BEAM ATBD), including two inland water modules for Boreal and Eutrophic Lakes. These products are based on the same NN algorithm as in the ATBD 2.12, varying only in the atmospheric correction procedure, and for the Boreal and Eutrophic lake plug-ins, the inherent optical property definitions.

Many thanks

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RE: Case 2 WQ products
2/12/10 9:03 PM as a reply to Caren Binding.
Hello Caren

Sorry for the late reply. But currently we are really busy to prepare the next BEAM release.
Thanks for your patience.

As far as I know you have summarised it correctly.

I will try to get R. Doerffer into this Forum next week.
Probably he can clarify your question better than me.

best wishes
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