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SMAC Processor Output
SMAC Processor Output
smac meris
1/8/10 9:56 AM
Hello all,

With regard to the SMAC processor for MERIS L1 products I note that the output contains Bands labelled as ‘Reflec_1’ etc, can you confirm that this is the calculated surface reflectance and is directly comparable to MERIS L2 values? I note however that the units are in mW/(m^2*sr*nm) and not dimensionless as would be expected for reflectance values, can you advise?

Many thanks for your help.


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RE: SMAC Processor Output
1/8/10 10:48 AM as a reply to Chris Kent.
Hello Chris,

The bands have the wrong unit. Please see also the issue in our bug tracker

This will be fixed with the next release of BEAM.
The values are comparable to MERIS L2.
A detailed description how they are computed can be found in the user manual.
Also available online at http://www.brockmann-consult.de/beam/doc/help/index.html

best wishes
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