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RE: Importing MERIS FR and FRS Level 2 data into Beam Visat
I recently ordered and obtained, via ftp, two MERIS Level 2 products (*.N1) and have attempted to import the data into BeamVisat. However, I am unable to import the data and get an error message (I have tried importing the data using both BeamVisat V4.6 and BeamVisat 3.7). The error messages are as follows:

For BeamVisat 4.6:

Visat error: An exception occured: Type: java.lang.NullPointerException. No message text available.

For BeamVisat 3.7:

An exception occured: Type: org.esa.beam.framework.dataio.ProductIOException
Message: ENVISAT header 'DSD(6)', line1: ENVISAT header 'DSD(6)', line 1: invalid header entry found: tes>

Note I am able to successfully import other MERIS Level 2 *.N1 products that I have acquired over the past year (although these were not acquired by ftp).

Would someone have more information as to what the problem is? Are my data corrupt?

Many thanks,
Sylvia Thomas
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RE: Importing MERIS FR and FRS Level 2 data into Beam Visat
7/10/09 4:26 PM as a reply to Sylvia J Thomas.
As you said you ftp'd the data: Please make sure you did use BINARY transport instead of ASCII. As N1 files start with some ASCII data but continue with binary data, it's possible that your ftp-client defaulted to ASCII transport without suspecting anything when the file transfer started.
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RE: Importing MERIS FR and FRS Level 2 data into Beam Visat
7/15/09 10:10 PM as a reply to Olaf Kock.
Thank you. The problem was with the ftp of the data.

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