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gpt.sh PixEx
gpt.sh PixEx
8/18/20 6:58 AM

I am extracting 1000 pixels from a list of MODIS aqua reprojected dim files through gpt.sh. By extracting from a list of dim files I avoid mosaic-ing these files in the list and I can save lots of time.

I've written a bash script as the attached .sh so I can run in a loop.

However, I run into the "Error: No product reader found for file" although the list of files are those processed with gpt.sh and reprojected as dim file. I attached the bash script to run gpt.sh and the parameter and graph files, as compressed files.

Would you please hint me what is the mistake and how to correct it, please?
I really appreciate your help.

Attachments: bSantos_PixEx.zip (0.9k), extrai_B06_ef10_w50_35d_12D_zeu.zip (0.6k)
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RE: gpt.sh PixEx
8/18/20 3:40 PM as a reply to Claudia Omachi.
I've updated the graph file and the batch file. They are contained in the zip file.

In the graph file I used the sourceProductPaths parameter and removed the sources. The sources approach can also work but then it must be configured a bit differently.
In the script I removed the configuration for sources and set instead the parameter sourceProductPaths.
This way it should actually work.
But I haven't tested it.

Also I have to say that you should better use SNAP.
BEAM is actually not supported anymore.

Attachments: updated.zip (1.0k)
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RE: gpt.sh PixEx
8/18/20 6:55 PM as a reply to Marco Peters.
Hi. Thanks a lot, Marco!

It did work! Your help saved lots of time \O/

I am a SeaDAS user and didn't know that BEAM is not supported anymore. I'll remember next time to look for the SNAP forum.

All the best.
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