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CHRIS-PROBA toolbox on Mac OS 10.5.7
CHRIS-PROBA toolbox on Mac OS 10.5.7
chris-proba toolbox
6/18/09 11:04 AM
Under Beam v4.5 I was unable to run any of the CHRIS-PROBA toolbox routines. I had hoped this situation would have been improved for Beam v4.6

Unfortunately there is no change since upgrading.

Please would you provide the necessary fixes or have the toolbox supplier sort this problem out.

From previous correspondence it appears to be a Java problem.

I have the attached in my Java preferences (picture 67.png)

I am also unable to install the latest Java update from Apple (Java for Apple Mac OS 10.5 Update 4) which has never happened before.

Are these 2 issues related at all?


Attachments: Picture 67.png (20.7k)
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RE: CHRIS-PROBA toolbox on Mac OS 10.5.7
6/18/09 12:44 PM as a reply to Jan-Peter Muller.
Hi Peter,

You should move the JAVA SE 6 up so it becomes your preferred Java version.
BEAM needs version 6.

Regarding the Java update. You should not do it.
Because Apple changed it significantly and it will cause incompatibilites with some third party libraries we use.
A fix for this is on the way.
Please see also the related thread.

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RE: CHRIS-PROBA toolbox on Mac OS 10.5.7
6/19/09 9:11 PM as a reply to Marco Peters.
Hi Marco
Thanks very much for this advice.

I did this because a previous version of EOLISA did not work unless I had them in this order. The current version (6.1.6) seems to have fixed this bug.

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