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Updating BEAM plug-in for UCL ATSR stereo
Updating BEAM plug-in for UCL ATSR stereo
plug-in updates
6/18/09 10:59 AM
When I upgraded to BEAM v4.6, it did not automatically install the UCL MSSL ATSR stereo matcher.

I am running Mac OS 10.5.7 on a MacBook Pro 17-inch.

A normal stereo cloud-top height retrieval workflow is
Image Normaliser
M4 stereo matcher
Mannstein camera model

When I tried to run the Image Normaliser I get screenshot 1 (picture 99)

When I try to run M4 stereo match, I get screenshot 2 (picture 100)

when I try to run I get Mannstein camera model, I get screenshot 3 (picture 101)

Please advise how I get these plug-ins to work again

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RE: Updating BEAM plug-in for UCL ATSR stereo
6/18/09 11:58 AM as a reply to Jan-Peter Muller.
Hi Peter,

this happened because of an old version of the stereo matcher which is not compatible with BEAM 4.6.

Go to Help -> Module Manager.
Switch to the Module Updates tab.
There you should find the new version (0.9.1) of the stereo matcher.

This one should work.

best wishes
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RE: Updating BEAM plug-in for UCL ATSR stereo
6/19/09 9:02 PM as a reply to Marco Peters.
Dear Marco
Thank you and your colleagues very much for fixing this update.

I have just tested this and it works perfectly!

This is most appreciated.

I hope that such fixes can be performed again in future?

Kind regards
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