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Geometric correction error
Geometric correction error
chris-box 1.5 geometric correction -spline function
2/28/18 2:02 PM

I have problem when I want to execute the geometric correction after atmospheric correction for CHRIS-Proba. The following message appears:

An internal error occurred during the target product initialization
Type: illegalArgumentException

Message: Value 6241.501 is out of the domain of spline function (-926.508,-926.481)

I have update time table and downloaded the telemetry and corrected the path in the Geom Correction dialog.
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RE: Geometric correction error
3/1/18 9:09 AM as a reply to Mohamad Awad.
If other products can be geometrically corrected I would assume that something is wrong with the telemetry file. Maybe wrong values. Could you check this?
You could ask at proba.redu@esa.int. They provide the telemetry data.
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RE: Geometric correction error
geometric correction
3/6/18 9:03 PM as a reply to Marco Peters.
Dear Marco,
Thank you for your kind reply. I corresponded with ESA as per your advise and their reply was the following:
Dear Sir,

If the tool you are using is the CHRIS Proba Toolbox plugin for BEAM (which I believe is the latest software that ESA make available for CHRIS processing), I would suggest that this is a question for the BEAM team, ESA EO Help Desk or Brockmann Consult.
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RE: Geometric correction error
3/7/18 1:26 PM as a reply to Marco Peters.
Luckily I was able to determine the cause of the problem and to solve it, but I do not know if this is a correct procedure. What I did is I have an old image for the same area and I know that all the corrections worked perfectly including the geometric correction using BEAM VISAT and CHRIS-Proba toolbox. So, what I did I replaced the new telemetry files with the old ones since they are for the same area and it worked fine I did not have the same error again. Please note that I have changed the file name to the new telemetry file names. I wonder if this is a correct procedure since it worked fine or there are differences since each is taken at different date for different years

Best regards.
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RE: Geometric correction error
6/4/19 11:26 AM as a reply to Mohamad Awad.
Hi Mohamad,
I have a similar problem. I got the following error while I try to use the geometric correction tool.

Type: OperatorException

Message: Cannot find telemetry file, which matches pattern ".*\Goitsche_/(\d+)_CHRIS_centre_times_20180912_.*"

Actually I downloaded and extracted the correct telemetry files from:

So do you know why this does not work? Do I have to set other options before like GCPs or so?

Best reguards
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