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Mosaic Linux
Mosaic Linux
mosaic smos batch
12/5/17 4:39 PM
Dear All,

I have one question related to SMOS L2 and BEAM.
I can easily import all (28 files) .nc files for a full day into BEAM. then manually mosaicing them
Raste >> geometric operations >> mosaicing. This works fine and it is great.

I wonder what is the corresponding command line that I can use to do this using Linux?

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RE: Mosaic Linux
12/6/17 1:21 PM as a reply to hans M savoni.
There is a tool called 'gpt'. It is located in the bin folder of the installation directory.
1gpt -h
for the general or
1gpt Mosaic -h
for the specific help.
Maybe you have already a different tool named gpt. Then you need to specify the full path to invoke it.

Also on the help pages in VISAT you find some more information on this. Look for Graph Processing Framework.
There is also a wiki page which might help: Bulk Processing with GPT

In general, I would like to encourage you to switch to SNAP. It is the successor of BEAM and has also updated SMOS functionality. The most things which apply to BEAM, apply also to SNAP. So what you learned so far is not for nothing.
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RE: Mosaic Linux
12/6/17 11:15 AM as a reply to Marco Peters.
Thanks a lot for your reply. It seems that I need to generate xml file to perform the operation. Do you have an idea on how we can generate this.
The bulk processing page, you referred to, does not work: ERROR
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RE: Mosaic Linux
12/6/17 1:31 PM as a reply to hans M savoni.
Please try again the link above.

You need to create the graph manually. But you can get the configuration part in VISAT. In the processor dialog you can go to File then Save Parameters or Display Parameters.
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RE: Mosaic Linux
12/11/17 5:48 PM as a reply to Marco Peters.
Thanks once again. I tried this command:
/snap/bin/gpt /path/mosaic_sst.xml /pathin/*.nc -t /pathout/output_mapped.nc -f netCDF4-CF

I would like to mosaic all files in pathin then name the output file as " output_mapped.nc" and put the output file in pathout /pathout/output_mapped.nc

I am using SNAP V5

But I got this error:

Error: expression: Undefined symbol 'null'.
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RE: Mosaic Linux
12/7/17 12:24 PM as a reply to hans M savoni.
I think you need to remove the conditions block from the xml.
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RE: Mosaic Linux
12/8/17 3:23 PM as a reply to Marco Peters.
I think you need to add the products at the end of the call
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