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Why does the total_susp band has been changed in ArcGIS or ENVI?
Hello, Everyone.

I use beam 5.0 to reproject a MERIS level 2 product to WGS84, and then export the total_susp band with .tif format. When I import this new band to ENVI, the values of total_susp changed. Does anybody know how does this happened? Thank you.


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That's because the unscaled values are stored in GeoTIFF.
The tsm band is log10 scaled and therefore you need to apply something like pow(10, v) = 10^v

Our you pass the band through the Band Maths in BEAM.
Use as expression just the band name "total_susp" as target name you can use "tsm", disable the virtual option and the create a band subset containing only this band and export it.
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RE: Why does the total_susp band has been changed in ArcGIS or ENVI?
7/18/17 2:35 PM as a reply to Marco Peters.
Marco. Thank you very much.
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