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JUnit Test Error in EnvisatOrbitReaderTest.java with Master Branch
I want to develop beam java api with idea and maven.
When I "install" module Beam-Envisat-Reader, there were 3 tests in error:
EnvisatOrbitReaderTest.testPOROrbitFiles:60->getOrbitData:130 » NullPointer
EnvisatOrbitReaderTest.testInterpolation:105 » NullPointer
EnvisatOrbitReaderTest.testVOROrbitFiles:83->getOrbitData:130 » NullPointer

the errors are all at org.esa.beam.dataio.envisat.ProductFile.getDSD(ProductFile.java:559),
and the primary cause is at org.esa.beam.dataio.envisat.ProductFile.readSPH(ProductFile.java:1187),

2if (sphSizeActual + numDSDs * dsdSize > sphSize) {
3                return;
4            }

the left is large than the right, so program return at line 1187.
So that all the members in dsdArray is null, and getDSD throw a NullPointerException.

I'm new in remote sensing, I don't know wheter the code in ProductFile or the file (org/esa/beam/resources/testdata/DOR_POR_AXVF-P20080404_014700_20080401_215527_20080403_002327) JUnit test used is wrong. I need some help.

The version of Beam I used is the Master Branch in Github-Beam, and the version of ProductFile is 1fe864f464046166e46ca3731bbc4c8157b40917, the version of EnvisatOrbitReaderTest is b996b118a88397686486b4cbc3e56872060d17ab.
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First of all I want to say that BEAM is not further developed as stated on the home page. That's why I want to discourage you from using the BEAM API.
You should move to SNAP.

The test runs fine on our side On Linux and Windows platform.
I think there is something wrong with the test file on your machine. Try to checkout again.
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RE: JUnit Test Error in EnvisatOrbitReaderTest.java with Master Branch
4/24/17 10:46 AM as a reply to Marco Peters.
THX for your immediately reply, I'll try it in my ubuntu os again and thank you for your recommend with SNAP, I'll try it.
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