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i want to reproject multiple files.. ERROR: The filename, directory name,
problem is that i want to reproject multiple nc files from ocean color (OC data), but the cmd is showing following error when i run .bat file

i have attached my xml, bat and output of cmd

Error: -Ssource=D:\Myfolder\New folder\GOSATTFTS2011010120110131_4BP01MV0203.nc
(The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect)

Attachments: processD(.bat file).txt (1.7k), reprojNode.xml (0.7k), reprojection.PNG (57.6k)
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You have removed the parameterFilePath parameter from the argument parsing but you are still using it on line when gpt is called.
Remove -p %parameterFilePath% from line 50.
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RE: i want to reproject multiple files.. ERROR: The filename, directory nam
no product reader found for file folder
4/17/17 8:15 AM as a reply to Marco Peters.
thankyou for reply that problem is solved...
but now it is giving "ERROR: No product reader found for file folder"


Attachments: 1.PNG (63.5k), 2.PNG (38.4k)
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The path which is shown in the error message seems not to be correct

folder\a\nc_****.tif is not valid. The first part is missing.
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thankyou so much..
problem is solved
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