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RGB color
RGB color
3/16/17 9:49 AM
I am using SeaDAS7.4 BEAM GPT. I am stuck with a problem. If any extpart can give any solution.
1 st Problem is I want to generate truecolor image from browse files. I mosaiced all the Local Are Coverage browse file to a single Global Area Coverage browse file. Which contains band Red, Green, Blue, Blue_Count, Green_Count, Red_Count. When I open it in SeaDAS I can generate a true Color image. There is also an option to export the image. But I want to do it in command line. And can't find any solution. I tried using l2bin, l3bin but the gave a 'NoSensor ID' in files error.

2nd WriteImage operator creates image with transparent back ground. Any way to make the background black. (I know a third-party software like ImageMagik can do that very easily, but I am looking for GPT solution & I am not going to print it it is solely for viewing purpose)

3rd Is there any way to attach color bar when I am generating png file Using GPT WriteImage operator. Or any solution. Yeah I know I can use one color-bar file and see it for all the image, but I want to make the image complete, so that anybody viewing dont have to go and find color-bar somewhere else.

Thanks in advance..
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RE: RGB color
3/16/17 4:02 PM as a reply to Alakes Samanta.
In BEAM there is the pconvert tool which provides the functionality you are looking. I can generate images from products. But I don't know if SeaDAS distributes it too.
The question 2 and 3 you have to direct them to the SeaDAS team. They have implemented the WriteImage operator.

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RE: RGB color
3/17/17 9:43 AM as a reply to Marco Peters.
Thanks for the tip.
There was some installation glitch so the pconvert was not working properly.After fixing that it rocks. emoticon
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