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BEAM wiki Exercise 1 Error
BEAM wiki Exercise 1 Error
12/15/16 5:19 AM
Hello, I just copy the Exercise 1 and hope to read the test data, but an exception occurred:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/bc/ceres/core/runtime/RuntimeConfigException

I search the pakage com.bc.ceres.core.runtime and no class named RuntimeConfigException was found. The class com.bc.ceres.core.runtime.internal.DefaultRuntimeConfig; is also not found. The two missing classes are imported in BeamLogManager.class.
How to solve this error? emoticonemoticon
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RE: BEAM wiki Exercise 1 Error
12/15/16 9:45 AM as a reply to shang pei.
Probably you are missing the ceres-launcher on the class path.
Both classes are still there.

However, it is not a good idea anymore to start learning BEAM. There is only limited supported.
It is much better to use its successor SNAP as we mention it on the start page

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RE: BEAM wiki Exercise 1 Error
12/15/16 10:19 AM as a reply to Marco Peters.
emoticonemoticonemoticonThanks Marco, I think it's time to turn to SNAP now.... I chose BEAM at first because the SNAP website can't be open until this afternoon in China due to so called "the wall", but some how it can be access now..hope it won't be blocked any more.... emoticonemoticonemoticon
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