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SMOS L2 data cannot open product
SMOS L2 data cannot open product
smos smos-box
10/14/15 12:38 PM

I am trying to open the .DBL file of the Level 2 SMOS data in BEAM. I have downloaded the SMOS toolbox. I have tried this with a few different versions between 5.0 and 4.8 and got the message saying that no reader was found for that file.

Since restarting I know get the message "unknown SMOS data format."

The current version I am using is BEAM 4.9. In the module manager is says that SMOS product reader 2.1.3 is active as well as UI components, Land\sea mask and Discrete Global Grid.

If someone could help with this issue I'd be very grateful.

Thanks in advance,

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RE: SMOS L2 data cannot open product
10/15/15 10:38 AM as a reply to Fiona Byrne.
Dear Fiona,

is suppose that the file you are trying to open is formatted according to the latest ESA reprocessing. Can you please open the *.HDR file in an AASCII editor and check the schema version:


For versions higher that 300, I suggest that you use the Sentinel Toolbox and install the SMOS-Box using the Module Manager. This verrsion SMOS-Reader should be able to handle the latest file versions data.

With best regards,

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RE: SMOS L2 data cannot open product
10/15/15 3:04 PM as a reply to tom block.

So am I correct in that this is version 400 and I'll need the sentinel-3 toolbox?

Thanks for your swift reply.

EDIT: Downloaded SNAP toolbox and SMOS box module and it is now working

(Thank you Tom )
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