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Fix netcdf images for time series proper usage

Thanks for your work and all the support.

I´m using the latest BEAM version and experiencing a problem with its time series toolbox with netcdf images (modis aqua).
Specifically, the problem concerns composite MODIS products whose start time and end time parameters are unreadable in time series toolbox.

Although, I can manually correct the identified issue for 1 or 2 images, using the Properties menu as suggested in other topics, for a stack of 200 images it becomes a hard task to perform.

I´ve had the same problem using SeaDas 7.2.

Question: What do you suggest I do to the netcdf file to obtain the correct start time and end time in the imagery. Is there a matlab code I can use to perform modifications to the netcdf file?

examples of monthly SST MODIS AQUA imagery used:


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RE: Fix netcdf images for time series proper usage
9/22/15 11:48 AM as a reply to Ricardo Miguel Vicente.
Hello Ricardo,

sorry for letting you wait for so long.
There is no existing script to do this job. But I have updated the reader to set the information.
Look for an updated seadas-reader in the plugin dialog (Help-->Module Manager).

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