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RE: Full-resolution RGB export
Full-resolution RGB export
7/10/15 11:09 AM
Good morning everybody,
this is my first thread on this forum, and first of all I'd like to congratulate with the development team behind BEAM, for delivering us such a robust and capable application.
I have the following need: I would like to export a full-resolution RGB view of a product.

More specifically: i have a GeoTiff product with 8 bands (4096x4096). I successfully created an RGB of the product by using three of them. Now I'd like to export the RGB view as a single GeoTiff, but if i export the RGB view, I only get a low-resolution image (1100x1100), that I assume corresponds to the current view on the beam tool.

Any clue about how to export a full-resolution RGB view of the product? Should I use the command line instead of the GUI?
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RE: Full-resolution RGB export
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7/13/15 10:05 AM as a reply to Fabrizio J Borgia.
Hi Fabrizio,

thanks for your warm words!

I cannot reproduce the issue you report: using BEAM VISAT 5.0.1, I created an RGB of a Landsat8 image (which comes in GeoTIFF-format), right-clicked in the view, chose "Export View as Image", made sure to use the "Full Scene" option (maybe you have missed that one?) and saved as GeoTIFF. The result is the image in full resolution.

Which way have you chosen to export the image?

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RE: Full-resolution RGB export
8/11/15 12:48 PM as a reply to Thomas Storm.
Hi Thomas,

it was definitely the "Export View as Image" checkbox. Thanks for your help!

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