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Pin export/import differences
Hello BEAM team,

I'm finding that exporting a set of pins (as *.placemark) and then re-importing them into the same product is giving differences.

See fig attached. First set of pins 21-26 were generated, exported and then imported into the same product. The second set of pins 21-26 now in this product are the imported set and are slightly different.

Why is there a difference?


Attachments: Pin_example.JPG (54.7k)
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RE: Pin export/import differences
12/10/14 4:40 PM as a reply to Pauline Cocevar.
Hi Pauline,

The reason for this difference is that the geo-referencing is not 100% exact and the different way both sets are created.
When setting the pins in VISAT the pixel position of the where you have clicked is used to lookup the geo-location. This is easy and straight forward.
When the pins are read from the placemark file the geo-location is used as reference and the corresponding pixel position is searched for. And this is where the little inaccuracy comes from.

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RE: Pin export/import differences
12/11/14 11:07 AM as a reply to Marco Peters.
Ciao Marco,

Thanks for the reply. (I agree not 100% exact geo-referencing!)

The distance shift between the two locations of Pin 21 (for the product that generated the pin and then re-imported the pin) specified above is ~0.2 km, not so small given our pixels are 1x1 km...

Best wishes,
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